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The word “Nihari” originated from the Arabic word, “Nahar” which means “morning”. It was originally eaten by Kings of the Mughal Empire as a breakfast item after their morning prayers. It later became a regular breakfast dish for the working class due to its energy-boosting properties.

Thankfully, with the help of modern technology and methods, it is much easier achieve the same result quickly with our ready to cook range. No more cutting or chopping and adding multiple spices.

Just Add Meat to our delicious products and achieve results you will be proud of.

Step 1: Heat a Pressure Cooker. Add 2 Tablespoon Ghee, 750 gms Mutton, Contents of this packet and Saute for 5 minutes.

Step 2: Add 200 ml Water, Close the Lid & Cook on Medium Heat for 15 mins or until Meat is cooked.

Step 3: Adjust Salt to Taste. Reduce the gravy to the semi thick consistency.

Traditional Garnish: Fried Onion, Chopped Coriander/ Green Chillies, Ginger Julienne and Lime Wedges.

Alternative: Delicious with Chicken, Paneer or Vegetables also.
Pro Tip: Pressure Cooker not needed for any other meat.