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Our Story

As the famous quote says, “Every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step”, ours started in 2019 while sipping on pinna coladas on a beach staring at the blue waters. An idea become a conversation that led to the birth of ‘Ceres – The Greek Goddess of Agriculture’.

Over the next 6 years, multiple restaurants and cloud-kitchen were setup and operated. At one point, we were operating 45 locations in Mumbai. But that wasn’t enough, we wanted to take our fabulous products to every household. And the only way to do that was to SCALE and bring in CONSISTENCY.

We needed to be the ‘McDonalds’ of Indian and Asian cuisines. After many sleepless nights, frustrating moment, and burning holes in the chef coat,

A Star was Born!!!

Say Hello to Moi Soi,

I am a revolutionary food brand designed to transform your kitchen.

I ask you today,


To titillate your taste buds?
To fork that meat?
To turn up the heat?
To make those juices flow?

If YES, then You have found, what you have been looking!!

This day forward, you are my HERO!! You are the center of my universe. Everything I do, I do it for you!!

I believe I can satisfy your innermost food cravings. It is time to break the barriers and make home cooking: Fun, Simple, and Convenient. I bring with me heritage Indian regional dishes and authentic Asian sauces to your kitchen.

I have got the right ingredient mix, which will take you from ah to aahaa!! in no time.