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Moi Soi Hot Garlic Sauce

Moi Soi Hot Garlic Sauce

Moi Soi Hot Garlic Sauce captures the essence of flavour. This sauce, made with farm-fresh garlic, onions, chilli, and white pepper, enriches your foods with the sought umami flavour. Whether you're adding it to noodles, rice, meats, vegetables, or tofu, our hot garlic sauce is the secret ingredient that will turn your dinner into an awesomely wonderful experience. With Moi Soi's Hot Garlic Sauce, you can embrace the rich and bold flavours of Asian cuisine, where garlic takes centre stage to fill your meals with delicious umami richness. Explore the fiery world of Moi Soi Hot Garlic Sauce! In our...

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Product Description

MOI SOI Hot Garlic Sauce is the culinary key to adding a blast of umami flavour to your favourite dishes. This versatile sauce, made from a perfect combination of garlic, onions, chilli, and white peppers, can do it all. Our garlic sauce offers a tantalising spice to your dishes, whether you're cooking, spreading, or dipping. It's great for stir-frying, as a savoury spread or as a zesty dip that goes with everything. MOI SOI’s Hot Garlic Sauce opens up a world of culinary options!

How to Use

1. Shake well: For a balanced flavour of Moi Soi Hot Garlic Sauce, make sure the components are properly mixed.

2. Start small: Begin with a small quantity to measure and modify the spiciness of the hot sauce to your preference.

3. Dipping Delight: Use it as a savoury dipping sauce for spring rolls and dumplings.

4. Stir-Fry Enhancement: Drizzle Moi Soi Hot Garlic Sauce over your stir-fry to enhance the flavour.

5. Marinade Magic: Marinate chicken, tofu, or vegetables in this sauce to infuse them with delicious flavours.

6. Saucy spread: Mix it with mayonnaise for a zesty sandwich spread with a kick.

7. Taste Tailoring: Experiment with proportions until you get the appropriate flavour balance. Have fun on your culinary adventure!

  • Gluten And Grain Free

    Unlock a world of flavor without the gluten and grains. Our carefully created goods are intended to fulfill your appetites while keeping your digestive system happy and healthy.

  • Vegan

    Discover the wonder of a plant-based diet. Our vegan menu blends delicious flavors, healthy products, and ethical decisions to make sure every meal inspires and satisfies you.

  • Zero preservative

    Learn to live a life without preservatives and experience its freedom. You may enjoy delicacy from our carefully picked assortment without worrying about sensitivity to preservatives, giving you happiness and tranquility of mind.

  • Locally Produced

    Local products may be fresher and of higher quality because they don't have to endure long transportation times, and producers often have a stronger connection with their customers.


Q) Can I use Moi Soi Hot Garlic Sauce as a condiment or just for cooking?

Absolutely! Moi Soi Hot Garlic Sauce can be used as both a condiment and a cooking ingredient. It adds a flavorful kick to dishes and makes a tasty dipping sauce.

Q) What cuisines pair well with Moi Soi Hot Garlic Sauce?

Our sauce complements a variety of cuisines, including Asian, Mexican, and fusion dishes. It's a versatile addition to your culinary repertoire.

Q) Is the garlic sauce suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

Yes, our Hot Garlic Sauce is vegan and vegetarian-friendly. It contains no animal products or by-products.