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Kung Pao + Hot Garlic (Combo of 2 Sauces)

Kung Pao + Hot Garlic (Combo of 2 Sauces)

Originating in Sichuan province in South west China, Kung Pao is a remarkable delight with two layers of flavour – spicy and sweet with a hint of nutty tanginess. MOI SOI Kung Pao sauce is perfectly textured and balanced to create authentic oriental taste right out of your kitchen. The best way to enjoy Kung Pao would be Chicken marinated and cooked in Kung Pao sauce or our signature oriental stir fry.Crafted to perfection with farm fresh and flavourful garlic, onions, chilly and white pepper, MOI SOI Hot Garlic Sauce brings alive the ‘essence of deliciousness’ – Umami flavor. Instantly...

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